Typical Events Schedule

Typical Events Schedule:
Starting on day two of YES SIMAMA RANTA

Day Two
09H00 - 12H00
9.2 Business Documents
9.3 Radio Advertising
10.1 Business Promotion Campaign
10.2.1 Shop Layout
11.1.1 Create Advertisement
11.2 Business Plan

14H00 - 17H00
9.1 Enterprising Behaviour
10.2.3 Order and Discount
10.3 Public Speaking
11.1.4 Process an Order of 11.1.3 Warranty
11.3 Loan Application

Day Three
09H00 - 12H00
T.1 Management Decision Making
T.2 Outstanding Fund Raising Event
T.3 Organising a Business
T.4 Outstanding YES Promotional Project

14H00 - 17H00
10.2.2 Training a new employee
11.1.2 Store return policy
11.4 Sales Demonstration